1. What Is All This Talk About  “Attitude”?

What do we mean by attitude?
We don't mean the hand in your face type of negative attitude that seems to be everywhere these days.
We're talking about the attitude you put into whatever you're passionate about.
Attitude affects how you pursue your hobby, sport, occupation, or life.
Attitude is what creates the desire, the drive, and the dedication to be the best.


To Be The Best You Need The Right Attitude


2. Who Are Your Shirts Geared Towards?

Our shirts are geared towards those who never quit. Regardless of your hobby, sport, occupation or lifestyle all of our designs apply to YOU. Our shirts are for those people who strive for success no matter what obstacles they may come across.


3. What Is A “Fitted Shirt”?

A fitted shirt is a shirt that is not too tight/constraining and is not too loose. In other words, it fits just right.


4. Love The Designs! I Also Love The Softness Of The Shirt. What Are Your Shirts Made From?

We're glad you noticed! We not only put a lot of work into our designs, we put a lot of work into the overall product. The design is pointless if it's not on a comfortable fitting tshirt.The right combination of materials is what gives our blended shirts the soft feel everyone loves.


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